Scientific paper ID 1421 : 2017/1

Miryana Evtimova

The possibilities for creating the Single European transport area with efficient use of the resources and the limit of the global warming below 2 0C compared to pre-industrial values are done. The necessity of significant and sustained reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in all countries in term of transport as the biggest polluter, because otherwise they will reach dangerously high temperatures is motivating. A review of emission indicators for the various modes of passenger and freight transport (road, rail, air and inland) in Europe for the period 2000 to 2014 is made and it was examined the data from the European agency for environmental protection of the specific emissions of carbon dioxide for a number of alternative fuels and powertrains (biodiesel, bioethanol, hybrid, electric, etc.). Exanimated is the increase of their total number. Special attention is paid to the fact, that maintaining this trend will contribute significantly to the reduction of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and to the ecological footprint to the Single European transport area. The possibility to reach targets on carbon dioxide emissions for 2020 is made.

Finally, a comparative analysis of the emission from different modes of transport is made and the rail transport is definite as the most environmentally friendly. Justified is failing to achieve the 2020 targets in terms of emissions for new passenger cars at the current rate of their reduction.

Единно европейско транспортно пространство емисии климат екологичен отпечатък.Single European Transport Area climate emissions ecological footprint.Miryana Evtimova


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( [1] Евтимов И., Р. Иванов. Aвтомобилният транспорт и замърсяването на въздуха. Сборник доклади на НТК с международно участие ”Транспорт, екология - устойчиво развитие”, Варна, ТУ Варна, 2010. )

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[4] Reglament (EO) № 443/2009 na Evropeyskiya parlament i na Saveta ot 23 april 2009 godina za opredelyane na standarti za emisiite ot novi leki patnicheski avtomobili kato chast ot tsyalostniya podhod na Obshtnostta za namalyavane na emisiite na CO2 ot lekotovarnite prevozni sredstva.
( [4] Регламент (ЕО) № 443/2009 на Европейския парламент и на Съвета от 23 април 2009 година за определяне на стандарти за емисиите от нови леки пътнически автомобили като част от цялостния подход на Общността за намаляване на емисиите на CO2 от лекотоварните превозни средства. )




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