Scientific paper ID 1407 : 2016/3

Snežana Ćirić Kostić, Nebojša Bogojević, Zlatan Šoškić

In the paper are presented analyses of the requests for offer of AM services by SLS technology, which the Laboratory for Advanced Design Technologies “3D Impulse” (Faculty of Mechanical and Construction Engineering in Kraljevo of University of Kragujevac) received in the period September 2013 – September 2016. The analysis considered the number of customers and their size, as well as distribution the number of requests by the size of the customer company. Further were analyzed distributions of requests by the year, economic sectors of the customers, types of application of the requested product and the technology and material requested. For each of the considered distributions are analyzed trends, and explanations of the observed trends are proposed. The analysis lead to measures for expansion of the Serbian market for AM services, but the results may be of interest for application of AM in other underdeveloped countries.

триизмерно принтиране бързо създаване на прототипи бързо обработване бързо производство3D printing rapid prototyping rapid tooling rapid manufacturingSnežana Ćirić Kostić Nebojša Bogojević Zlatan Šoškić


[1] SnežanaĆirićKostić, “Basic Concepts, Applications And Possibilities Of Additive Manufacturing Technologies”, Mechanics, Transport, Communications Vol.10, Issue 3/3, Article 0720 (2012)

[2] D.L. Bourell, J.J. Beaman, Ming C. Leu, and D.W. Rosen. ”A brief history of additive manufacturing and the 2009 roadmap for additive manufacturing: looking back and looking ahead.” Proceedings of RapidTech (2009): 24-25.




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