Scientific paper ID 1399 : 2016/3

Ilka Stefanova

At the present stage of development of communication technologies are making the transition to spread spectrum communications systems with different functions in the way of utilization of discrete pseudo-noise-signals, which is associated with the development and deployment of digital methods for transmitting information. This puts new demands on algorithms for synchronization and determine the actuality of the proposed paper.

In this paper, on the basis of known approaches for synchronization comes fast algorithm for synchronization in radiocommunication systems with digital caring Walsh based on the structural properties of the signals, described by Walsh functions. As a result it is obtained a system for synchronization with a structural differences compared to the existing systems presented in the technical literature, which doesn’t have the disadvantages of the conventional systems with delay, in an adjustment regulation.

цифрови носещи на Уолш синхронизацияDigital carrying Walsh synchronizationIlka Stefanova


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( [1] Шахтарин Б. И. Синхронизация в радиосвязи и радионавигации. М. Гелиос. АРВ.2007 )

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( [2] Патент № BG 65994 В1/2010г.,. Кохерентна система за синхронизация на сигнали със скокообразно изменение на носещата честота, А. Андонов, Г. Чернева, И.Стефанова )




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