Scientific paper ID 1384 : 2016/3

Krassimir Kuzhev, Ivan Milenov

The opening discusses the necessity of transitioning from conventional cars to electic cars. The paper explores the trends in the development of traction batteries. The survey begins with the current lithium-ion batteries and lithium-ion polymer batteries, and goes on to dicuss their alternatives in near future: new lithium-metal batteries, graphene batteries, sodium-ion batteries type 2, nanobatteries and aluminium-graphite batteries. The trends in the pricing of traction batteries are also discussed. The paper concludes with a vision on the future development of traction batteries.

електромобил видове батерии акумулатори тенденции в батериите.electic car electic vehicle types of traction batteries car batteries EVB electric vehicle batteries trends in battery development.Krassimir Kuzhev Ivan Milenov


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