Scientific paper ID 1372 : 2016/3

Jelena Tomić, Nebojša Bogojević, Zlatan Šoškić

The paper presents a method that may be used for noise mapping and calculation of noise fields in the environments that contains multiple buildings. While the international standard for calculation of noise levels ISO 9613 2 proposes a method for attenuation of sound by housings, it is not suitable for application in cases where distances between source of noise and endangered area are close to distances between buildings, especially in the case when distribution of buildings is not regular. The proposed method enables calculation of noise levels for each specific case by calculating effects of diffraction of sound over each of the building’s roofs and around corners of the buildings. However, the proposed does not take in the account reflection of the emitted sound during propagation.

планиране на шума градски шумNoise mapping urban noiseJelena Tomić Nebojša Bogojević Zlatan Šoškić


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