Scientific paper ID 1364 : 2016/3

Nina Postolova, Stoyo Todorov, Rumiana Zaharieva

The utilization of disused railway material is topical issue both in terms of environmental protection and to achieve the objectives of the circular economy, announced in December 2015 as one of the priorities of the European Commission. Among the most - problematic because of the large quantities numbering about one million the number of reinforced concrete sleepers are derived from activities in repair and rehabilitation.

The report presented an innovative solution for their effective use in road surfaces, applicable to municipal roads, streets, problematic stretches of rural roads and input / output of agricultural roads from / to the national road network. Developed several types of structures that use reinforced concrete sleepers, considering their considerable residual capacity. With the implementation of these solutions overcome the status of sleepers as ”construction waste”, reducing the environmental impact of their storage and create conditions for resource-efficient and cost-effective solutions for various types of road surfaces.

The utilization of reinforced concrete sleepers contribute simultaneously to reduce the waste generated in the transport sector and saving natural raw materials as sleepers ”second hand” is an alternative to natural stone in road construction.

материали стоманобетонни траверси оползотворяване железен пътmaterials concrete sleepers recovery rail way trackNina Postolova Stoyo Todorov Rumiana Zaharieva


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