Scientific paper ID 1348 : 2016/3

Detelin Vasilev, Martin Ivanov, Nikolai Tonchev

Chemometrics is defined as a modern scientific and applied discipline integrating and systematizing various mathematical models and formal techniques for experimental-data processing in problems of chemistry and its related sciences. It s methods of mathematical statistics, multidimensional data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. Since the chemometric approach has proven to be effective and expedient in revealing typical internal structural connections, it is applied in many other areas of research and even in such that seem to be too far away from the initial sources of the idea. Chemometrics offers expanded methods for data analysis and for optimization of laboratory research. In this sense it is a part of the development of the trend to create intelligent laboratory systems. The presented paper aims to justify the applicability of the chemometric approach to problems of material sciences and mechanics. The representation is accompanied by an illustrative example.

Моделиране на свойства хемометриката титанови сплави.Modeling properties chemometrics titanium alloys.Detelin Vasilev Martin Ivanov Nikolai Tonchev


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