Scientific paper ID 1344 : 2016/3

Penko Tzvetkov Petkov

The vibration activity of the pneumatic tire is characterized by an intense generation of oscillations with high frequency and small amplitude distributed over the tread band and sidewalls of the tire. In order to determine the parameters on the vibrations, a two-dimensional (2D) mechanical model of a radial pneumatic tire is presented in this work. Based on the model, equations are composed, describing the radial and tangential vibrations of the tire tread and the shift of center of the wheel. The solutions of the equations were obtained by using PC software and the natural frequencies forms of the oscillations of the pneumatic tire treads had been determined.

пневматична гума вибрационна активност двуизмерен модел свободни трептения собствени честоти резонанс модулни формиpneumatic tire vibration activity two dimensional model freedom of oscillations natural frequencies resonance module shapesPenko Tzvetkov Petkov


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