Scientific paper ID 1326 : 2016/3

Ivan Kolarov

Abstract: The aim of this work is to present a vibro-acoustic study of ten identical cylindrical shaped samples with retaining feature and determine the dynamic behavior when resonance is excited. A cylindrical sample with one-sided bevel for spline was studied. Experiments for natural frequencies determination were carried out and statistical analysis was implemented. Dispersion of results, which is comparable to the accuracy of the sampling frequency is obtained. The samples are modeled in accurate dimensions by CAD and the natural frequencies are obtained by FEA. The vibro-acoustic behavior when the transverse modes are exited is established by comparison of results. Two frequencies appear, that change of dimensions of the feature. Therefore the frequency difference between them may be used as a parameter for diagnostics of imperfections in the elastic medium. Correlation between experimental and theoretical data is obtained. Therefore, criteria for characterization of imperfections in machine parts with design features can be created by FEA.

These results can be implemented in a model for vibro-acoustic characterization of technical deviation in cylindrical machine parts.

теоретично и експериментално определяне на собствени честоти на цилиндричен образец с едностранно скосяванеtheoretical and experimental study of natural frequencies of cylindrical model with unilaterally bevelIvan Kolarov


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