Scientific paper ID 1316 : 2016/3

Svetoslava Shaparova

E-commerce is a key component of business and smooth implementation of supply raises the need to develop integrated logistics systems. There are still obstacles to the growth of e-commerce caused by various reasons, but primarily as a result of outdated and inefficient transport and customs processes. The answer to the basic question related to emergency measures and appropriate solutions in response to new market needs has been looked into. The possibility to develop integrated logistics systems for delivery of postal items sold through e-commerce exists.

електронна търговия пощенски дребни и колетни пратки логистика на доставкитеe-commerce letter mail and parcels logistics suppliesSvetoslava Shaparova


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( [1] Кирова, А., Международен транспорт, спедиция, застраховане, изд. Найс, 2011 г., ISBN 978-954-8587-11-2, )








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