Scientific paper ID 1283 : 2016/2

Majorov V. I.1, Lipatov E. Y.2, Ganzin S. V.3

Abstract. Great research evidence and practical experience concerned with prevention of alcohol-impaired driving was gathered by world community. But this potential is partially not in use in Russian Federation without obvious reasons. Firstly, Russian system of anti-alcohol measures affecting public conscience lacks at least two branches, which is necessary for de-ployment of other policies. They are (1) dissemination of knowledge about all dangers of alcohol intoxication and (2) cultivation of human activity which is incompatible with alcohol consumption. These activities yield the best effect in the long term (in combination with other measures which have impact on public health). Secondly, effectiveness of penalties for driving while intoxicated (DWI) is weakened by lack of public perception that they are unavoidable. Massive driver sobriety tests, instant implementation of administrative sanctions and public awareness about it are the kind of law enforcement which can remedy this situation. Thirdly, some proven countermeasures aren"t used in Russia at all. They are: license plate impoundment, vehicle impoundment, mandatory rehabilitation programs for DWI-offenders. Fourthly, there is no differentiation of punishments depending on blood alcohol concentration. This reduces the public support. Fifthly, the use of alcolocks is not sufficiently wide. Despite shortcomings of their operation they have proper impact on public health (through habituation of commercial vehicles drivers to sobriety and self-control) and efficiently prevent repeat offences as well (while installed on vehicles of convicted offenders). However, some measures (for example, jail or vehicle confiscation) are proved as inefficient. It is expedient not to consider them as the appropriate counter-measures.

Ключевые слова: водитель автомобиль профилактика правонарушение клас-сификация наказание общественное здоровье алкоголь алкозамок.alcohol driver vehicle prevention offence classification punishment public health alcolock. Majorov V. I. Lipatov E. Y. Ganzin S. V.


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