Scientific paper ID 1265 : 2015/2

Galina Cherneva

The contemporary development of communication systems s the development of new types of signals and alternative methods for information transmission. These searches are performed successfully by the theory of the determined chaos [1,2].

The attraction of dynamic chaos, in terms of its application in the systems for data transmission, due to the properties of chaotic oscillations which determined by their nature and specificity. Thanks to them are possible and various ways of entering information in the chaotic fluctuations when used in communication systems for connection.

One of the characteristics of chaotic processes is their strong sensitivity to initial conditions. This property can be used for introducing the transmission information message in the initial conditions, and to realize the large number of different chaotic processes in a source of chaos.

On the basis of the above, in this work is proposed а structural scheme and an algorithm for processing of the received signal of the communication system. In the transmitter are formed different discrete chaotic signals, according to the transmission information symbol. The processes in the chaotic oscillator are implemented by the same non-linear function, but with different initial conditions. Extracting the information in the receiver is based on a coherent correlation processing of the received signal. In the paper are analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed scheme and are make conclusions for the conditions wich shoud be to respond the chaotic processes.

комуникационни системи с динамичен хаос хаотични сигнали предаване на информацияcommunication systems with a dynamic chaos chaotic signals transmission of informationGalina Cherneva


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