Scientific paper ID 1264 : 2015/3

Diyana Geshkova Marinova

Transport is the link between production and consumption of material goods that are produced or extracted at the global and national economy. Without him it would not be possible to carry out any economic or social activity in a national or global scale. The transport sector as a factor which depends on the status and development of all other sectors. Most companies in Bulgaria in recent years are facing many problems, difficulties and challenges. Increasing competition in the conditions of globalization of world economic space on one side, and on the other the very development of the company, its strategies and prospects. Now, success, good governance and improvement of each firm decided primarily on, whether it is able to meet the ments of users and their needs.Thepurpose of my report is to follow the particularities of the management of transport activities and provide guidance for improving the quality of work in transport organization.

транспорт усъвършенстване управлениенасоки принципи задачи и труд.transportation processing management guidelines principles tasks andlabor.Diyana Geshkova Marinova


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