Scientific paper ID 1248 : 2015/3

Peter Branzalov

In the presented work is proposed and studied a simplified scheme of UV emitter of very low cost, which can be used as a basis for creating of inexpensive radiation source for general use in households, industry, agriculture andalso for transportdisinfection (road, rail, ship, plane, etc.). The paper also discussed the most important aspects of the application of UV emitters, such as ionization, generation of ozone,disinfection of air, disinfection of water (mineral water, drinking water, wastewater), premises, vehicles and others. There are listed the most important technological applications associated with UV emitters. There are investigated some of the parameters of the proposed UV emitter, inits various operating schemes of working. A peculiar characteristic of the proposed UV emitter is a simplified electrical circuit, which does not use inductive choke to limit the current through the discharge element. In the work has been expressed the view that only UV emitters with low cost and simplified design can find wider applications for decontamination, disinfection, deodorization and other,in transport, agriculture, households, refrigeration technique, etc.

UV излъчвател UV дезинфекцияUV emitter UV disinfectionPeter Branzalov


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