Scientific paper ID 1245 : 2015/3

Ivan Petrov, Vladimir Yanakiev, Borislav Tsvetanov

The electric locomotives series 44-45 is mounted fire alarm. It is a system of thermal fuses and thermostats. They are installed in the power circuits of the locomotive, as traction motors, rectifiers, smoothing reactors and others. In signaling participate blinkerni relays, thermal fuses, auxiliary relay, signal lamps "Fire." With increasing temperature (over 80 ° C) triggered thermostat, which interrupts the chain of relay 528 and to a switching contact powered blinkernoto relay. In the first circuit is activated beacon "fire" and the second contact to indicate which element has a fever. The batteries are mounted in closed metal cabinets with natural ventilation. They are not provided with a fire alarm in the event that appeared pozhar.Prez recent years due to wear of the cable insulation in the battery cabinets fires. This necessitated creating pozhariizvestitelna system that controls the presence of fire in the locomotive battery cabinets

транспорт локомотиви енергетика електроснабдяванеtransport locomotives energy electricity and others.Ivan Petrov Vladimir Yanakiev Borislav Tsvetanov


[1] Naredba № Iz-2377 ot 15.09.2011 g. za pravilata i normite za pozharna bezopasnost pri eksploatatsiya na obektite, Obn. - DV, br. 81 ot 18.10.2011 g., izm. i dop., br. 30 ot 26.03.2013 g.
( [1] Наредба № Iз-2377 от 15.09.2011 г. за правилата и нормите за пожарна безопасност при експлоатация на обектите, Обн. - ДВ, бр. 81 от 18.10.2011 г., изм. и доп., бр. 30 от 26.03.2013 г. )

[2] EN 45545-1:2013, Railway applications. Fire protection on railway vehicles. General




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