Scientific paper ID 1240 : 2015/3

Galina Zamfirova, Miglena Slavova

Usually, the term "polymer" refers to fully synthetic materials. But in the nature there are natural polymers that the man has long been used: silk, cotton, cellulose, starch, natural rubber, asbestos, chitin, silicate, alumosilkati, graphite, diamond and the like. The paper is a brief analysis of the most mass-produced polymers and their use in everyday life of modern man. Special attention is paid to the packaging polymeric materials and their influence on human health. The contribution has overview nature and is based on the latest research, publications and statistics from international environmental organizations. The aim is to acquaint the public with these still neglected facts and problems, which stand sharply and grow menacingly.

полимери пластмаси човешко здравеGalina Zamfirova Miglena Slavova


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