Scientific paper ID 1239 : 2015/3

Nikolay Tontchev

This generalized research is devoted to numerical approaches to identify effective solutions in the field of metallurgy. Approaches to obtain the optimal combination of chemical composition and heat treatment to achieve certain properties are of fundamental importance for the realization of an effective project. They are at the basis to design or improve new alloys and the associated with them costs.

Effective solutions for rational alloying alloys are able to increase the strength / to reduce the weight while maintaining or reducing the cost of the alloy. The determination of these solutions, however, goes through numerical methods, algorithms and procedures that do not depend on the used databases.

The research of the genome of the material in this generalization of publications, relies entirely on statistical processing and it is aimed at creating opportunities for predicting the mechanical parameters as a function of the chemical composition and the heat treatment parameters taking into account the relevant boundary conditions.

Сплави Моделиране Оптимизация Nikolay Tontchev


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