Scientific paper ID 1213 : 2015/3

Mária Franeková, Peter Lüley

The number of applications with higher SIL (Safety Integrity Level) for which is necessary to provide evidence of safety not only for hardware parts and software parts but also for the communication system is growing. The authors are in this papers dealing with the issue of safety-related communication and types of failures that may occur during transmission of safety-related messages. We focused on the ments for the safety code according to standard EN 50159 with special attention to the cyclic code on the CRC principle. According to ments of the standard it is necessary to demonstrate that transmission via real communication channel with safety code meets the d safety integrity level. Modeling has a significant role in this process, by mean of which, in particular for the case of time simulations of safety transmission is necessary to obtain parameters necessary for safety analysis. The main part is describing models of transmission system with cyclic redundancy in software tool Matlab with the support of Simulink to provide data for safety analyses and for the determination of the intensity of dangerous failure caused by the electromagnetic interference.

ниво на безопасност приложения в жп транспорт комуникационни приложения за безопасност код за безопасност CRC Matlab моделиране.Safety integrity level railway applications safety-related communications safety code CRC Matlab modelingMária Franeková Peter Lüley


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