Научен доклад ID 2244 : 2022/3

Zoran G. Pavlović, Veljko Radičević, Branislav Gavrilović

Traffic organization and planning is becoming a major challenge for researchers and employees in transportation companies. In order to achieve acceptable results in order to increase revenue, transport companies must apply advanced Internet technologies. This paper presents the starting points for modeling an innovative model of digital business in railway transport with the integration of road transport services. The model of innovative business in railway transport can completely replace the previous traditional activities for the purchase and purchase of a transport ticket. The space (facility, office space) of the railway and road carrier for issuing and charging for transport tickets can be replaced by virtual space provided by advanced internet technologies. The main goal of this paper is to present the basics of an innovative digital business model that meets the needs of users for transportation as well as increase business revenues in the transport company. The innovative model s the following interactive components: human resources (user with their need, service administrators), technology (d for the implementation of service activities), organizational processes (flow of activities and application of innovative technologies), environment (virtual space technologies, Internet for digital communication between the user and the service provider) and services (digital record of the transport ticket on the smartphone). In this way, the available technology provides the initial basis for the realization of the needs, desires and ments of users of digital map services, while the transport company also reduces costs by reducing the number of employees, equipment and other material costs.

digital activities advanced internet technologies customer service rail transportdigital activities advanced internet technologies customer service rail transportZoran G. Pavlović Veljko Radičević Branislav Gavrilović




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