Научен доклад ID 1304 : 2016/2

Vladan Tubić, Biljana Jovanović, Dragana Savić, Dario Miletić

Movement of multiple vehicles is conducted in certain order, thus forming a traffic flow which exists in a specific speed. The subject of this paper is the analysis of dependency of speed of nonhomogenous free traffic flow from values of longitudinal declining slope with use of deterministic methods which give optimal deion of speed of free traffic flow in two-lane roads. For this paper, field measurements of three different locations with three different values of longitudinal declining slope have been taken, aiming to calculate the speed of free traffic flow, and have been subsequently analyzed with use of HCM 2010 and compared to speed limitations.

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speed free traffic flow longitudinal declining slope.скорост свободен поток на трафика надлъжно намаляващ наклон.Vladan Tubić Biljana Jovanović Dragana Savić Dario MiletićBIBLIOGRAPHY

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