Научный доклад ID 2334 : 2023/1

Valerii Kozlovskyi, Liudmyla Klobukova,Volodymyr Lysechko,Galina Cherneva

A statistical analysis of complex signals correlation properties formed on the basis of quasi-orthogonal access at subcarrier frequencies was carried out. A comparison of the influencing factors of the sampling frequency and the number of the decomposition series members was made using graphoanalytical methods. An analysis of the characteristics of the Gibbs pulsations appearance with different numbers of decomposition terms was carried out. The specified emissions are observed at all points of a jump-like change in signals and can be quite significant.

A graphical analysis of the expansion in a series with the specified criteria for compliance with the conditions of Kotelnikov”s theorem was carried out. He showed that choosing the highest possible sampling rate cannot be a key ment for orthogonality. It was found that it is d to observe the integer ratios between the sampling frequency and the width of the main and side lobes of the signal spectrum.

The results of the study of the properties of such signals make it possible to optimize the process of selecting signal parameters. The consequence of this is the possibility of increasing the volume of signal ensembles with low interaction in the frequency domain. This makes it possible to increase the bandwidth of the cognitive radio network.

quasiorthogonal frequency division of channels frequency collisions subcarrier frequency lag module Gibbs pulsationsquasiorthogonal frequency division of channels frequency collisions subcarrier frequency lag module Gibbs pulsationsValerii Kozlovskyi Liudmyla KlobukovaVolodymyr LysechkoGalina Cherneva


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