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There are not many periodical scientific journals in Bulgaria. The available ones cover a relatively narrow field of knowledge, which makes publishing of good articles difficult. This explains why the number of their readers is too small. Very few articles are published in a foreign language, so the number of the readers decreases even more. The aim of this journal is to unite the interests of more scientists due to widening the subject area and the bilingual publishing. The journal is going to make popular Bulgarian scientists' achievements and to publish materials by foreign authors that are interesting for the professional community.
The journal starts as an electronic publication issued semi-annually. Its printed version is going to be deposited in main national libraries. The printed version of the journal will be available under certain conditions. At the moment we are working on making the subscribing possible.
All the suggestions for publishing are welcome, but the editors will approve of only the ones whose scientific and scientific-engineering quality has been claimed by two reviewers having academic ranks (external and internal to the university) and appointed by the editorial board.

Your opinions and recommendations for improving the journal are welcome.
The journal is financially supported by the Open Society Foundation and the Todor Kableshkov Higher School in Sofia.
The International Editorial Board consists of recognised scientists from Bulgaria, Russia, Austria, Spain, Germany, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Poland, Romania and Turkey
The scientific Journal “MECHANICS TRANSPORT COMMUNICATIONS” is indexed in the following worldwide databases, such as : ROAD | Google scholar | Scientific Indexing Services | ERIH PLUS | J-gate

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